Call in the Romans for that classic-tailored look

The Romans are on the march in home decor.

There was a time when one would confine roman shades to the important rooms of the house – the dining room and the master bedroom, perhaps. But that’s all changing as the traditional roman shade – hobbled – is joined by the modern flat version with its well-tailored look. Now, you can indulge in roman shades in any room in the house, choosing from an exciting and growing range of fabrics to carry your room style though to the windows.

“I felt like a kid in a candy store when I opened our new sample book,” says Mary Dobson, spokesperson for Levolor Window Fashions in Canada and also a guest expert on CityLine. “There is so much to choose from, and it’s all beautiful. The stripes in particular set my imagination reeling with the possibilities.”

In the past, when creating a traditional roman shade you required traditional sewing skills. But Mike Muyal, director of marketing for Levolor, assures that this is no longer the case. “Levolor has always offered a custom shade making service, and it applies to all the types of shades we offer, including Romans,” he explains.

“Homeowners can select their preferred combination of face and lining fabric, hobbled or flat style, cordless or standard operation, and many other details of trim and installation, and have the finished shade delivered to their home. It’s a popular service that is helping to bring the well-tailored look of Romans to windows throughout the home.”

Although it is possible to review new products and colors and options on line, Mary Dobson strongly recommends working through an independent retailer, or selected home-improvement retailers, whose experienced decorators will help ensure a perfect fit and hassle-free installation.

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