Paint Prep Perfection

Paint Prep Perfection
The holiday scramble is officially on, and if you have friends or family coming to stay with you soon, you may be wondering if and when you’ll have time to freshen up the spare room for them. Your solution may come in the form of a professional painter.
The best way to instantly brighten and revive a room is by applying fresh paint to the walls. But as anyone who has ever painted a wall can testify, it’s the pre-painting prep work that takes the time and that can add to the total cost. For this reason, you’ll want your painter to come in and check out the space first, before giving you a quote.
To avoid any misunderstandings with your painter, ensure the following details are confirmed in writing:
– The painter’s quote should specify the prep work necessary before the paintbrush even hits the wall. That means confirming that filling any divots, scrapes and picture holes, and sanding as necessary, are included in the final price.
– If you have wallpaper, does the quote include stripping the wallpaper and prepping the walls for paint?
– Will you be providing the paint? If not, the painter’s quote should specify the brand and quality of paint they will be providing.
– How many coats of paint will be used? (Most walls typically require one coat of primer and two coats of paint for the best results.)
– What’s the schedule? When will the painter start, and how long will it take to complete the job?
*Information Provided by Nick Tavernese, RBC Mortgage Specialist*

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