Décor Tips: Colours, Patterns and Textures

According to a contemporary home decorating magazine, there are a number of significant trends taking hold this year. Some may influence your own décor choices if you’re considering a room or home makeover.
Perhaps the most distinctive and easiest trend to adopt is the use of warm floral colours such as lilac and lavender. These muted tones can be subtly complemented by the polished gleam of chrome, nickel, brass or copper hardware, fixtures and/or accessories.
In larger rooms, consider enhancing the softer natural
colours with strong accents that pop out. Use darker
furnishings and cushions, bold artwork, or a contrasting wall or drapery pattern.
Other ways to inject a touch of rugged relief to a pastel
makeover might include adding the textured effect of ragged or marbled paint.
The addition of rustic elements such as traditional wood,
tile, brick or stone can also anchor your home décor. But
use your colours and accents judiciously, especially in smaller rooms that can look cluttered. In such cases, use
uniform light colours in incremental shade variances to add dimension without creating a heavy or crowded effect.
*Morris Marketing*

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